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Grain Milling in Canada

Commercial grain mills have operated in Canada for over two hundred years.

Canada is a young country, founded as a federation of provinces in 1867. Flour mills were operating in Canada more than 100 years earlier. The grandfather of all Canadian milling wheats was introduced to Canada in 1851. Some of Canada’s largest modern grain mills are operating at or near locations where mills have operated for more than 100 years.

Industry Profile

The information contained in this section is drawn from a number of sources, including Statistics Canada and sector analysis available on the Industry Canada web site, Strategis.  Cereal grain milling is included within the North American Industry Classification System within NAICS 311211 – Flour Milling.  This classification includes all food “milling” activities and the production of bakery mixes (cake, biscuit, muffin, doughnut) and dough preparations.

Wheat Field
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