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CNMA members and related companies are active exporters of milled grain products and cereal grains. With access to both Pacific and Atlantic ocean ports on Canada’s coastlines, Canada’s grain millers are able to ship in many modes and package sizes.

Additional Information

Packaging Materials

Wheat flour and most other milled grain products are typically packaged in multi-layered paper bags ranging from 10 to 40 kilograms. Polypropylene jute bags in 40 and 50 kilogram sizes are also available, as are bulk totes up to 1000 kilograms.

Bags can be loaded individually or palletized and shrink-wrapped to customer specifications. Standard wooden or disposable pallets are generally available.

Container Capacities

An individual 20 foot ocean freight container holds up to 20 metric tonnes of wheat flour or semolina but smaller quantities of less dense grain products. Individual 40 foot containers are generally restricted to a maximum of 24 metric tonnes because of trucking load restrictions in Canada and importing countries.

Canadian ocean ports have been modernized to accommodate container shipment. Break bulk facilities that would accommodate entire shiploads of bagged grain products are no longer available.

Inspection and Phytosanitary Certificates

Government agencies in some importing countries require that imports of grains and grain products be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate to indicate the absence of stored product pests and plant diseases. Phytosanitary certificates for Canadian grain and milled grain product exports are issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency at the request of the exporter.

Export Enquiries:

Ardent Mills

Benoit Dussault

National Account Executive


ADM Milling Co.

Patrick Michelacci

Export Manager


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