About CNMA


wheatThe Canadian National Millers Association is a national, not-for-profit industry association representing the Canadian cereal grain milling industry. CNMA member companies are processors of wheat and oats and producers of milled grain products.

The CNMA is among Canada’s longest established trade organizations, founded nearly 100 years ago. CNMA serves as the principal voice for the grain milling industry in consultation with government departments and agencies concerning regulatory issues and public policy. The association is an active participant in industry-government dialogue in the areas of food regulation, nutrition and health, food safety, transportation, international trade, occupational safety and health and environmental protection.

The CNMA also provides international trade development support to its members. The CNMA welcomes all commercial export enquiries and undertakes to promptly facilitate communication between its member firms and importers in offshore markets.


Any firm that operates in whole or in part as a primary processor of cereal grains in Canada is eligible for membership in the Canadian National Millers Association. CNMA offers both wheat and oat milling member categories with a capacity-based fee structure. Please contact CNMA’s Ottawa office for additional information.

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President: Gordon Harrison