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Grains are good for you - all your life! Milled grain products are nutritious ingredients found in food products in virtually every section of the supermarket. Canadians eat more than 70 kilograms of wheat flour and other milled grain products each year in at-home and away-from-home meals and snacks.

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Noreen Golfman

2016 Annual Meeting Supply Chain Forum:
Grain Quality Requirements in 2016 and Beyond

CNMA’s September, 2016 Supply Chain Forum provided a broad perspective on consumer expectations of cereal grain-based foods, changing food safety regulations, wheat and oat milling quality and end use performance requirements.

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Noreen Golfman

The national association representing grain milling in Canada

CNMA member companies process wheat, oats, corn and other cereal grains into a wide range of food ingredients and ingredients used in pet foods, animal feed and by other manufacturing industries